Your property management

in safe hands


Based on more than 30 years‘ of experience managing shopping centres, office buildings, hotels, large residential complexes and mixed-use properties we develop a long-term management strategy for your property.

We offer you Austria-wide efficient and professional facility management (commercial, technical and infrastructure management) in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law. Your property is in safe hands at BOE Gebäudemanagement GmbH.


Commercial management.


We take care of the commercial operation of your building. This includes organising shareholder meetings, managing operating costs, and insurance, as well as inventory and contract management. Thanks to our experience with a wide range of large mixed-use properties, you can rest assured that operating costs will always be correctly invoiced even where there are complex allocation formulas.


Technical management.


Our highly-qualified technicians will ensure that your property retains its value. Technical management services range from personnel management, to maintenance work and energy management as well as much more besides. Maintenance and measures to ensure compliance with legal requirements are carried out reliably and with the assistance of software programmes leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.


Infrastructure management.


A range of services such as cleaning services, security, snow clearance, waste disposal and grounds maintenance are either carried out by us or are put out to competitive tender and the contractors subsequently monitored. The emphasis here is on keeping costs low while maximising safety and maintaining the value of the property.