Your car park in safe hands


Our many decades of experience enable us to ensure the long-term financial success of your car park.

As a reliable partner with highly-qualified employees we will keep you car park in good condition over the long term while constantly increasing  its profitability.


We have an excellent credit rating and fulfil all our financial obligations punctually. With us as your partner you can lean back and concentrate on your core business.


Car park leasing and management


Airports, railway stations, shopping centres, hotels, office complexes and hospitals  - we plan, develop and implement parking solutions  tailored to your individual requirements and also offer  the appropriate management  contracts.


This includes:


  • Optimal commercial and technical management
  • Suitable reporting
  • 24/7 fault management
  • Consultancy services for new parking facilities
  • Support with resolving traffic related problems


Our consultancy services


Site assessment :


Greater security and plausible documentation for financiers and investors. A comprehensive environment analysis and our  internal parking facility benchmarking  system enable us to forecast  the development of sales and costs for potential car park projects.


Operating Concepts:


Based on a comprehensive site analysis and the existing parking facility infrastructure, your car park is developed to cater to the relevant target groups,  e.g. short-stay parkers, long-term parkers, commuters, shoppers, and their needs. This process includes planning the car park technology (pay stations, payment systems, barrier systems, parking space advertising, access etc.), staffing, repair and maintenance concepts,  traffic guidance and signage, safety and emergency concepts.


Technical Consultancy and Implementation:


Our experienced technical staff will advise and support you at every stage of the processes involved with new projects and modernisations  - from planning to implementation. If needed, we can also carry out the tender process, award of contracts, construction supervision, settling of accounts and dealing with warranty claims.


Project Development:


As the owner and developer of parking facility projects, we both finance and implement new car park projects, together with the List Group,